What is The Joy of Being Incomplete?

Learn to love the parts of yourself that make you unique.  

Open pathways to godliness in your life right now. 

 Reach for awakening and growth in every moment of your life.

“Let Grant, an acclaimed leading spiritual practitioner help you to discover, harness and unleash the limitless power of greatness within your being, to achieve your highest inherent aspirations. The One Universal Creative Intelligence aka God awaits your conscious alignment with Its all encompassing Love and Wisdom!” 

Norman Buffong. Ontario, Canada


We will face struggle, failure and difficult decisions throughout our lives. We will never be perfect or reach a finish line to our personal growth. There will never be easy answers to the big questions. 

But through all of these challenges, life is filled with possibilities for passionate, authentic living, for experiencing joy, for living in purpose and for deep connection with others. 

The Joy of Being Incomplete celebrates this state of incompleteness, and looks closely at many different aspects of life in order to reach greater self-knowledge, a more intimate understanding of our place in the world, and a stronger sense of the meaning and purpose of life. The book offers practical guidelines and questions on many topics in order to spark your own journey of discovery. The chapters deal with personal aspects like the body, mind, emotions and soul, topics like service, work, money, anger, love and sex, and spiritual concepts like God, forgiveness, worthiness, courage and the mysteries of life.

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